Sing Sing Death House

Sick Of It All

Murder murder a ripe blood stain
Pulled the fucking trigger cause Im sick of it all
Murder murder a ripe fucking hate
Pulled the fucking trigger cause Im sick of it all

I went to school today with an oozi
Theres this kid he teased me so i shot em in the face
All the worlds light wont ease my pain
It wont cease im diseased will you hang me please
What do i do im american youth
All my life ive lived in silence
Im gonna snap ill get you back

Im a girl im only 13 my body rots
Cause i wont fucking eat
Im a silent star on a b-roll
Im a mirror fucking image of no control
Give me the award i conquered food again
What else is better in life than to purge my pain
If i cut, i wont look like that
If i cut if i cut i wont feel like this

We are kids we think life is a scam
We come from wasted land
We are kids we play punk rock and roll
If we didnt we got no soul
We are different kids with the same heartbeat
We got one pulse running through the streets
They are our arteries
I am part of this

I Am A Revenant

Another year has passed and im alright
I lick the salt from my wounds and run into the night
Its unknown why collusion goes on
It rapes like betrayal
And Im rotting in the squalor of some

Do you remember the rage?
I remember the hate
I remember it rained for years
And the blood had left a stain

YOu say i got karma to collect
I dig my grave and
Im here waiting for some kind of check
If i get one ill hold my breath
I racked my spine
It takes a year of you to warrant a test
As the years go by I wont cry
Its the year you walked into my life
I will despise

We are the revenants
And we will rise up from the dead
We become the living
Weve come back to reclaim our stolen breath

Seneca Falls

Oh its set in 1848 in the crush of New York state
and the thing about destiny is it never ever makes mistakes

Susan B. Anthony
Forever haunting me
Owned raped sold thrown
A woman was never her own

They cried freedom rise up for me

I want i want i want freedom

Oh its set in 1848 in the crush of New York state
and the thing about destiny is it never ever sets you free

Elizabeth Cady
Forever reminding me
I dont steal the air i breathe

Freedom rise up for me

The Young Crazed Peeling

Are you ready to be liberated
On this sad side city streets
Well the birds have been freed from their cages
I got freedom and my youth

My name is Brody Im from Melbourne
Fitzroy Melbourne Fitzroy Melbourne
I grew up on Bell St. then on Bennett St.
My mom kicked out my dad for battery
Found a way she found a way out of spiritual penury
Working single mother in an urban struggle
Blames herself now cause I grew up troubled
It hit me i got everything i need

My one heart felt too much from the start
Ive seen people come and go
Living large and living low
You can build up your walls sitting on death row
Let the curtain fall on your murdered soul
You can wash it all down swallow your story
Get smacked off your head go down in downroll glory
You wont solve it committing self inflicted crime
Go on pull the trigger this will be the last time

I speak of the truth the truth of the heart
Like a desperate thirst in a raging drought
Hey youth time flies by
Theres an everlasting battle for eternal life
I love a man from California
Hes the prettiest thing we got the same disorder
The way you feel is OK its never gonna change anyway

It hit me i got everything i need

Sing Sing Death House

I am a death house haunted mirror
Acerbic heart aint nothing pure in here
I keep the memories of a broken you
Sing sing the stories of a fractured few

I believe i will open up
For all my rage will surely come undone

I am agnostic but i hang on a cross
Faithless saintless my sin stabs
I wear the crown of oblivion
Rule and aching void watch my sun burn out
I am a death house haunted mirror
Acerbic heart aint nothing pure in here
You close the door i sing pleading
Save me before you leave youre leaving

Bullet And The Bullseye

I am the bullet and youre the bullseye
WHen i hit theres nothing left

Ive been living in a boundryless land
I was blind but now ive got my sight back
You suffer insidiously i fucking hate you
Stay the fuck away from me

Youre a thief a liar and a cheat too
Aint no mystery to unlocking you
You think im a sucker youre fucking sick

City Of Angels

Its going down tonight in this town
Cause they stare and growl
THey all stare and growl
I take a scar everytime i cry
Cause it aint my style no it aint my style
Going down to the gravel head to the barrel
Take this life and end this struggle
Los ANgeles come scam me please
Emptiness never sleeps at Cliftons 6 am
With your bag lady friend and your mind descending
Stripped of the right to be a human in control
Its warmer in hell so down we go

They say this is the city
The city of angels
All i see is dead wings

Its a ghost town rabid underworld
Dionysian night vitriolic twilight
A mirage comes up it never ends
Once you get burnt youre never the same
Left behind erased from time
AInt no decency in being boxed up alive
Look around aint no R.I.P. signs here
We dont rest in peace
We just disappear

So here we are Los Angeles
No angels singing in your valley of unease
I watch the sun roll down the pacific
Over hookered sunset strip

THeres a black moon tonight
Aint shining down on the western neon lights

They say this is the city
The city of angels
All i see is nothing

Young Girl

We were young girls in a small world
Im on your doorstep man
Ringin your bell again Ringing your bell again

Im sorry Gerti Rouge all that youre through
Looking for love that never stabbed your heart
ANd probably never will
Its a lie when you are telling the truth
Its the truth when you are telling a lie
Spread your legs then get down on your knees
And pray it never happens again

Well here i am on your doorstep again
I let the winds of time pass through my life
Maybe theres an end
WHo the fuck protects you?
Who the fuck is going to resurrect you?
Its a sorrowed truth the truth is not a ie
Come on up baby
Dont go and burn in the fire

Hate Me

I cant be this now
Its not me anymore
I really tried Ive tried
Attempted suicide
Fucking convulsing and
Constantly denied
Subcountaing me somewhere

Scratching the walls of my glass coffin
Scraping raping
My nails on the glass on the bottom
Is there an end where does this end
If i was you id fucking hate me too


One two three four
THis is a war

Yeah yeah yeah im desperate
Im going back again
Yeah im desperate

Going back in style
Going back a mile
Dirty heroin this is my heart
This is my arm this is my heart
This is the lie you promised to me

I Understand

Im on the edge everyday
Aint nothing going for you and me
I am my enemy in everyway
He planted the seed

When i was a teen girl i walked real awkward
Like a dog with three legs
I had fought my wars
I was a misshape mistake misfit
Untamed mishap with a junkie heart

Now theres been a shift
I stopped taking hits
My eyes start to flicker flicker
My mouth starts to drip
My heart starts to tinker tinker
What can I do when Im bound like this with you

Now i really understand I cant feel

I cant feel it i cant feel it

Lordy Lordy

Oh lordy lordy
Well your head hangs below the ground
Oh lordy lordy
Well i think thats where your found

And so they tell me that you aint my friend
Im a loss to yourself ill assure your again
When you cry me some real tears
Ill be on the run
You come near me now girl
Ill go get me a gun

Ive never been to prison
I dont know why
I stared death down in its chambers baby
Eye to eye
If prison is a cell then its raging through my blood
THis is a song from the heart aint nothing else

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